Accounting services

SIA Business Latvia offers both full and partial accounting service, so each customer can decide what processes to execute on their own, and what to trust us.

Full accounting service is designed for entrepreneurs who on the one hand want to protect themselves from possible problems with the tax authorities and on the other to devote more time to their core business. Price for a full accounting support for an active business starts from 100 EUR and usually does not exceed 250 EUR a month. For larger companies, the price consists of a fixed and a variable fee, depending on the number of operations and personnel.

Partial accounting service is designed for entrepreneurs who, for various reasons (availability of internal resources, policy, budgetary constraints, etc.) don’t need full support. The price is determined by agreement, depending on the complexity and the average time spent.

We also offer one-time services, such as registration of the company, preparation of annual report, audit, inventory.