Frequently Asked Questions

We try to facilitate the process of accounting price determination for the client. That's why in most cases accounting services price is dependent on the volume of operations of specific client. There could be special cases, when additional consultation or analysis is required, but this is a topic of separate article. In general, accounting price will depend on the volume of the following parameters:

  • a number of issued (sales) and received (expenses) invoices ;
  • a number of employees on the specific month;
  • an amount of fixed assets;
  • cash transactions executed on the specific month.

Each client is a separate case for us, however in order to estimate approximate price for accounting services in Latvia and in our company please turn to us, writing in details your planned volume of operations. Some of our clients ask only standard package, or even partial one. Others clients, on other hand want us to do more for them. We are not interested to give to our clients the services they don't need, that's why we try to come up with most optimal offer on scope and price for each client.

Standard package of accounting services we can divide into three independent blocks. The First one will be Documents processing – this block includes the work of accountant, who is checking whether all primary documents are sent to accounting company, whether the documents are correctly made and notify the customer, if any gaps are identified. The Second one is Accounting itself – your company accountant will make accounting of all transactions using double entry system (generally accepted accounting principles). The third block would be Reporting – tax and other (like management) reports are prepared in line with legislation requirements and clients’ needs.

We can register your enterprise without you coming to Riga at any point. Our company will send the documents to your email address electronically and you would go to notary in your country to sign them. When you do it, you send originals to us in Riga. Your firm will be ready in 1-2 days. You can apply for VAT Number, as welll as apply for your Bank account without being in Riga, but on the final stage it still be necessary to attend at least bank for finalizing of Bank account opening and collecting your account access devices.